How Can I Receive Food?

Pantry-Eligible citizens of Ohio County can come once a month to receive food.  Normally this is enough to last one week.

Hours of Operation?

The OCFP is open
every Wednesday from 5-7 and the 2nd Saturday of every month from 9-11


In cases of crisis and emergency  situations someone will be available to help with food.


Backpack Ministry

The BackPack Ministry works in conjunction with Feeding America to ensure that all students have access to food, even over weekends while school is in session.  All schools in Ohio County (except Fordsville Elementary) participate in the OC BackPack Ministry.  Students in need are identified by the Family Resource Coordinator in each school, and these students are discreetly given a “backpack” of food at the end of each week to sustain them over the weekend.  There is no cost to the student, with donations covering the cost of the program.  A donation of $120 feeds one student an entire school year, and we average 200 students each year in the BackPack Ministry. 

Senior Commodity Boxes

Eligible seniors aged 60+ get a 40 pound box of government commodities every month.  This is in addition to the normal monthly food distribution.

Farmers Market Vouchers

2016 was the first year to receive Farmers Market Vouchers from the Department of Agriculture.  We received 50 vouchers which were distributed within 2 weeks.  We anticipate receiving a greater number of vouchers next year.